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Mozzo - React Native Development Company

Mozzo is a mobile project platform aimed at small businesses mainly in the architecture, design and engineering industries, although it can be used for basically any business project. We’ve created a React Native app with a Python backend, hosted by Amazon Web Services.

The Yoga Collective is a wellness app that gives users the possibility to access content from The Yoga Collective studio. This React Native app lets users access content online and offline, set timers and reminders, and also includes integrations with Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, among other features.

Python Development Company - PE4H project

PE4H is a startup based in San Francisco that grew to hundreds of Professional Engineers’ profiles and projects within the first month of launching in 2017. We built its complete marketplace in two months with an architecture based on Python that can scale to millions of users.


What is a Fixed-Price project?

A fixed-price project is one where the contract is based on an estimate of the amount of work the project will take. This type of project means the budget is set from the get-go so there will be no surprises later on. There are also strict deadlines and all the details are usually specified in the contract, which means there is not much management required throughout the project. A fixed-price project works best when you have clear requirements, fixed deadlines and a limited budget.

What is the time and materials model?

The time and materials model uses the time and effort spent on the project as a foundation. This means you will pay for the amount of time plus the cost of the materials. This model is relatively flexible, allowing for adjusting requirements and replacing features. It works best for long-term projects, projects that are in the research stage or projects with vague specifications. 

What is an MVP?

An MVP, or minimum viable product, is the most basic version of your product that can function for its purpose. When talking about a mobile app, it would be its first version, including only the most basic and essential features and scrapping any extra ones that would be left for future updates. This might sound very similar to a beta version, but it is actually not. An MVP is a ready-to-use product with significant user value.

How long does it take to develop an MVP?

The answer will depend on the type of app you have in mind, but for most of our projects, an MVP will take around 3 or 4 months to build. In general, anything that takes longer than that would not be worth your while if you want to cut costs and get to your audience fast.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is the preferred agile method for cross-functional teams. This product development framework aims at delivering value in the least amount of time possible. It places an emphasis on teamwork, as well as on dividing progress into relatively small increments called “sprints”, which usually last two to four weeks. Key features and goals are defined before each sprint to complete a specific set of tasks or a product increment. This means that, by the end of each sprint, a Scrum team should have completed a new feature of the product.

What is the React Native framework?

React Native is a JavaScript development framework that uses ReactJS to create user interfaces for iOS and Android devices. It was developed by Facebook and released in 2015. It helps developers reuse code across web and mobile platforms. With React Native, your JavaScript codebase is compiled to a mobile app indistinguishable from a native iOS app built using Objective-C or a native Android app built using Java.

Which languages are best for web development?

The language you use for web development will depend on the type of project you have in mind and its requirements. Here at asap, we are fans of the React and Angular frameworks. Both tools use JavaScript, a high-level, multi-paradigm programming language that has been around for over two decades. JavaScript is also the most used language for web development.

Which languages are best for backend development?

The language you use for backend development will vary according to the type of project you have in mind and its requirements. However, at asap, we mainly use Python and Node.js as tools for backend development. Python is an open-source programming language that has an emphasis on code readability, making it friendly and easy to use. Meanwhile, Node.js is an environment that allows JavaScript code to run on the server side and not on a browser.

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What our clients have to say

asap developers worked with provided wireframes to develop a React Native application for Android and iOS. [...] asap developers features an unselfish and driven team, committed to providing high-level customer service. They succeed in remaining organized and communicating well despite time difference challenges. The staff is accommodating and receptive of feedback, making for a hassle-free engagement.

Matt DerrigoMozzo, CEO

We’re very happy with asap and the relationship we’ve built with them so far. They are very transparent and have an extremely talented team. We’ve developed a more professional product that has allowed us to start bringing the early-adopter phase to the market. [...] I like the transparency from Pablo and the team, as well as the access to top engineers. asap is very easy to collaborate and communicate with…

John MarcatoTWE Solutions, CTO and Owner

asap developers built and provided maintenance for a web app while also handling documentation and taking on an advisory role. [...] Thanks to their knowledgeable team, the web app serves as a trustworthy and exclusive marketplace for finding professional engineers. asap developers conducted a seamless workflow and delivered top quality at an impressively affordable price compared to other local vendors.

Francisco LoureiroP.E. for Hire, Founder


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