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React Native is a JavaScript development Framework that uses ReactJS to create user interface for iOS and Android devices. It was developed by Facebook and Instagram and was released in 2013. It helps developers reuse code across web and mobile platforms. With React Native your JavaScript codebase is compiled to a mobile app indistinguishable from an iOS app built using Objective-C or an Android app using Java. Our company has developed many React Native mobile apps for iOS and Android. Get in touch and request a quote on your React Native project.


Showclap is a video sharing website for musicians. It was developed with React Native for Android and iOS devices. With React Native you build a real mobile app that's indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C, Swift or Java.

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Showclap is a React Native Mobile App for musicians
Oumimen is a react native mobile app for the Chinese market

Oumimen is a Korean startup with investors from San Francisco, California. We helped Oumimen to create its MVP with React Native. Our developers created with React Native a mobile app and web app for merchants in Europe interested in selling their products in Asia.

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InviteMe was developed for Android and iOS platforms using React Native. React Native uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps. With React Native you just put those building blocks together using JavaScript and React.

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InviteMe is a react native mobile app for visitor management

From our blog: React Native vs Ionic

React vs Ionic - Hire React Native Developers San Francisco

Regarding performance, hybrid applications -such as Ionic- are arguably slower than cross-platform ones -such as React Native-, as their speed depends on the WebView. React Native has been gaining popularity for its speed regardless of the platform. Apps built using Ionic can be used in different platforms including Mobile, Desktop and Web. In contrast, React Native needs to be rewritten on the new platform. Developers that use React Native need to acknowledge platform-specific logic and frameworks in order to achieve native app development. It requires more effort but React Native was created to accomplish native behavior on every platform. Therefore, most of its components come with a platform-specific logic that has an equivalent in other platforms.

You can build your app in Ionic by using Angular, Javascript, HTML and CSS. React Native is based on the Javascript framework React and, thus, uses Javascript code that resembles HTML but essentially isn’t; it’s called JSX. Testing an app that uses Ionic can be done in any browser. React Native needs a device or an emulator. In both scenarios, you can observe your modifications instantly without recompiling your application. Both tools have very large communities (Ionic has AngularJS, and React Native has React), so it should be easy to find plugins or frameworks that adapt to your needs. To this day, React Native has 61,389 starts on Github and Ionic has 33,619. However, Ionic has more questions than React Native in StackOverflow. In both scenarios, you find yourself within a large community that is growing every day, so you can’t go wrong on your choice.

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"I have been very satisfied with the communication and quality of asap developers' work. The time zone difference is very manageable. The quality of the coding from asap team has been as good or better than what I have gotten from other development shops in the US. I also appreciate proactivity in offering suggestions and opinions. asap developers has provided me with the confidence to pursue new opportunities because I know that there is a good team of developers available to accomplish the work."

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