A stylish and scalable marketplace for Professional Engineers.

We collaborated with PE4H to build their marketplace, where users can post a project and receive proposals from a pool of licensed professional engineers.

PE4H is a startup based in San Francisco that launched in early 2017. Within a month it grew to hundreds of professional engineers’ profiles and projects. We built the complete marketplace in two months with an architecture that can scale to millions of users.



Build, deploy and test a scalable professional engineer project marketplace in two months. Design an architecture that supports PE4H’s rapidly growing user base.


Design and build a completely custom marketplace platform. Create a robust backend hosted on AWS using Elastic Beanstalk, S3, SES, CloudFront, Angular and Stripe integration.


A project that was finished ahead of schedule, on budget, and a startup that was able to launch on time. PE4H was delighted with the product and we’re proud to be a part of its success.

How does PE4H’s marketplace work?

If you need a Professional Engineer, you can post your project and receive proposals for free. Fill out the project request form and submit. P.E. For Hire saves you time and money locating and hiring licensed Professional Engineers for your short to long-term projects.

We connect you to a nationwide pool of licensed Professional Engineers entirely online. You’ll receive instant email notifications for every proposal. Review all of your projects, proposals and engineer profiles using a convenient dashboard. Communicate with candidates through P.E. For Hire’s online messaging system.

Projects and proposals

We built a dashboard and a messaging system with notifications to give users an easy way to manage their projects. They handle proposals faster, saving time and money.

This feature allows users to interact with Professional Engineers, giving them more flexibility and a better way to market their expertise.

GEO-Location based matching

The solution needed to include a many to many geo-location matching algorithm. This algorithm needs to run each time the engineer updates their distance settings and a new project is posted.

It also needed to be efficient so that the web app would not slow down every time the algorithm was executed.

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