A platform for property inspection and property management professionals.

zInspector is a California real estate startup that helps real estate agents with property management. When zInspector approached us, they had a mobile app prototype that sent photos as email attachments. They asked us to develop a backend as well as a web application.

We added many features to the iOS and Android mobile apps. We’ve been collaborating with zInspector for over 5 years now. We continue adding new features to their product as it evolves into a powerful real estate management platform.



Design and build a solution which enables property management professionals to perform property inspections and push photos, videos and documents to the cloud. Display all the information in a web app for easy data visualization and create activities automatically.


We built a solution which is flexible and customizable. We created a Web App in Python + Django + MySQL, and the solution is currently published on AWS Elastic Beanstalk using the cost effective AWS S3 service for the Terabytes of uploaded photos. We've also added a bunch of features to the iOS and Android mobile apps and integrated with several third party API's.


A complete property inspection software solution encompassing fast and searchable results. An elegant application that seamlessly integrates with other property management software. Over five years of collaborative innovation and commitment with zInspector.

Instantly Organized

Photos and videos taken with zInspector on your mobile device are categorized by date and property into Activities. Everything is time-stamped, user-stamped, and GPS-stamped automatically. You can apply additional attributes and add comments to your photos for a more detailed summary.

zInspector is a complete cloud solution allowing your many thousands or even millions of photos and videos to be instantly organized and accessible no matter who performed the property inspection.

Mobile application

Perform a photo or video inspection for maintenance issues or a perform a full tenant move in / move out inspection. The zInspector property inspection apps have modes for a quick inspection, full rental inspection, or any property inspection template you design.

All the information is available in zInspector web portal for additional reviewing, filtering, sharing, and reporting.

Real Time Documentation

All property photos, videos, and inspections are uploaded to zInspector web portal, where they are automatically organized in Activities sorted by date, property and objective.

You can view the photos, edit attributes and comments, and generate reports in just seconds. zInspector enables years worth of property inspection software results taken by any number of users or devices to be searchable or filterable.

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