Revolutionizing the way Chinese consumers shop and experience the best that Europe has to offer.

We built an e-commerce solution for the Chinese market. This solution links the best products from Europe with the wealthiest Chinese consumers.

We helped Oumimen to create its MVP, and they are currently looking for investors in Asia. Oumimen has more than 100 merchants in Europe interested in selling their products through the platform.



Create a marketplace that could revolutionize the way Chinese consumers shop and experience the best that Europe has to offer. The solution has to be attractive for European merchants and Chinese consumers.


We designed and developed a mobile app for iOS platforms using the Ionic Framework. Additionally, we implemented a web application using Python and the Django Framework. We published it on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk using S3 for photos storage and a MySQL database for transactions. We also used location based routing to handle traffic from all over the world with minimum latency.


We create a product with an extraordinary look and feel and user experience. The project ended with the functionalities planned and the startup was very satisfied with its MVP.

Mobile Application

With the iOS mobile application for China, the geographic and cultural breach between China and Europe was eliminated and an amazing market opportunity was born.

The mobile application shows all products according to their origin and category, includes a shopping cart and allows users to check orders, search products and manage their profile.

Web Application

We created a web application for European merchants that allows them to upload their products, view the status of their products and review their sales on the platform.

The web application has a minimalist look and feel and is very easy to use.


Chinese travelers buying in Europe

European destinations welcome about 10 million Chinese visitors every year with Chinese travelers increasingly choosing destinations such as Europe that are distant from their homes. It is no surprise surveys show that Europe is still seen as one of the most important shopping destinations by the Chinese people.

The goal of Oumimen was to create an app where Chinese users could have a European shopping experience using maps, pictures and information about the most well-known cities of Europe. WIth Oumimen, users can shop as if they were visiting those cities.

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