The simplest way to schedule your next car service appointment.

We collaborated with Toyota to build an innovative app for their customers allowing them to schedule car service appointments. Previously, customers had to call the dealership to schedule an appointment. With our app, they can do it from their smartphone or car infotainment system, as long as it supports Android apps.

With this app, users can access the appointment availability of all Toyota dealerships in the city, and schedule a service with a particular service manager. Toyota can now build customer loyalty through discounts, promotions, surveys, and news. As clients started using the app, phone bookings decreased which was one of Toyota’s main goals for doing the project.



Create a video streaming platform that meets the standards of the leaders in the market such as YouTube but maintains a sustainable cost level for a Startup. That allows giving the experience that current users demand without losing the flexibility that an entrepreneur needs to be able to make quick decisions along the way.


We use Elastic Beanstalk and S3 to allow a scalable architecture, we use CloudFront to optimize the handling of videos and multimedia files. And Amazon Elastic Transcoder service to convert videos into formats that optimize video streaming. We also use the JW Player service to reproduce the videos on the platform.


We created a web and mobile solution that allows musicians to upload videos and share them with their followers no matter where they are.

How did we build the application?

The app was developed for Android and iOS using the Ionic Framework. We delivered a native experience for both platforms and we created a seamless integration with the pre-existing Toyota backend. We used Scrum, an agile software development methodology to manage the project.

How Toyota clients can schedule a car service appointment?

The user enters the details of his car, and then selects a service center, a date and a service manager.

The user can add comments about the service to be performed. Then the app creates an appointment and sends reminders to the user.

How can Toyota reduce costs and add value to their services?

With our app, customers provide more information before their appointments and can schedule car service appointments with more flexibility.

Toyota reduces costs with the new information and customer support is much better. The booking process is more efficient and simple.

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