Project management at its finest.

Mozzo is a mobile project platform aimed at small businesses mainly in the architecture, design and engineering industries, although it can be used for basically any business project. With it, service providers can keep connected with clients, as well as partners and sub-consultants. It also helps organize projects, stay on budget, reduce costs, and get paid faster.

What did Mozzo want?

When it came to implementing their idea, Mozzo chose to hire a development company instead of putting together their own development team. Following the referral of another one of our clients, they decided to come to us for help.

Their goal was to build a modern, scalable, high-performing solution for both Android and iOS that was integrated with Stripe and Plaid in order to securely connect bank accounts and transacting payments.

How did we help?

After hearing their ideas, we created a React Native app with a Python backend, hosted by Amazon Web Services.

The platform supports different profiles for clients and companies, each with distinct functionalities. Companies create a profile where they can add employees and also send an email invite to clients asking them to join the platform.

Profiles include a dashboard where users can access different information, such as their account balance and to-do list, as well as finding a service provider or becoming a freelancer.

Tasks, such as signing contracts, issuing invoices or making payments, are automatically created when projects are started and developed. Furthermore, it is possible to issue invoices and make and receive payments directly from the app, making the payment experience swifter and simpler. Users with client profiles can make payments, and service providers can both pay sub-consultants and receive payments from clients.

Moreover, users can access a list of current projects and see and add detailed information about each one, including pictures. There is also a section devoted to all the information regarding contracts, insurance and invoices so users can keep track of all their project’s details.


During the development process, we worked side by side with Mozzo, having several meetings each week and using cloud-based tools such as Jira, Slack and Skype to keep them up to date and receive feedback.
The final solution has helped Mozzo show the value of their startup, allowing them to secure clients and investors. In their own words, the product turned out to be “an attractive, simple and intuitive solution – much to the credit of ASAP.”

An attractive, simple and intuitive solution - much to the credit of ASAP."

How did we help?

  • Client, company and freelancer accounts
  • Dashboard with account balance and to do list
  • Automatically generated tasks for payments, contracts, etc.
  • List of projects and specific details for each of them
  • Issuing invoices directly from the app
  • Banking integration for faster and easier payments
  • Push notifications
  • Google Maps geolocation
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