Marketing Startups? We all want our products to be successful and popular after we launch, don’t we? The easy answer for most people is “let’s do marketing”. Is that the correct answer, or the quick one? Are you taking care of details or just doing what other people do?

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Most of us, entrepreneurs, start doing marketing services without even knowing exactly who our customers are, what are their true pain points and what do they really want.

Marketing Startups

Marketing Startups refers to the activities of a startup associated with selling a product or service. It includes advertising, selling and delivering products or service to people. So, what we ought to do is the following:

GET TO KNOW our customers, HOW?

– ASK!! Ask people with your target’s characteristics. Ask from your friends and family to strange people in supermarkets, birthdays, events. Take the courage, it’s for your own benefit.

– Understand how they buy things such as your product. What do they read or see to stay tuned with new products/services? Is it Facebook, Instagram, the digital newspaper, a magazine? You’d better not run your ads on Facebook if your audience doesn’t use it!

– Add value. Understand how can you help them, how can they benefit from you and your posts, because in a world bombarded with marketing, whatever that doesn’t add value, people are just going to skip it, that’s how they can survive to the plague.

After you have these previous points covered, you are ready to bombard, without people noticing that you are bombarding!!


When there’s a new product who no one knows about, you’d better generate awareness. Awareness not just to convert, but also to get feedback, feedback and more feedback, because in early stages like the one you are on, that is key!

Only when you truly understand the market, you can be successful. So listen carefully to feedback given from your users and then improve your product. Surely you will already have many early adopters by then.

Again, that is key my friend! Win early adopters and do not hesitate to target everybody. Because there is no better way to increase users at the very beginning than early adopters recommending your product to two more people. And you can only do that by understanding and taking care of early adopters.

The Lean Startup

I recommend you to read The Lean Startup, a book that has it all covered to take your startup to the next level. These following charts were taken from there.

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Marketing Startups and Lean Marketing: The Lean Startup methodology is all about iterative shortened product releases and scientific experimentation. More about MVPs and Lean methodology in our blog.

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