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Given our current global situation, a lot of mobile development conferences and seminars have had to be canceled or postponed. However, there are still plenty of online opportunities to engage with other developers and continue learning to keep your development skills sharp. That is why, in this article, we’ll go over a handful of the best React Native courses and webinars specifically for our favorite native app framework.

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  1. React Native Tutorial for Beginners by Academind

If you’re just starting out with React Native and want to get a general idea without making any major investments, this 6-hour crash course on building a mobile app using React Native might be perfect for you. The tutorial is available for free on YouTube and has become quite popular. In addition to a general introduction, it includes sections on StyleSheet, FlexBox, custom components and debugging, among several other topics.

  1. React Native – The Practical Guide 2020 by Academind

If the previous tutorial got you hooked, Academind also offers a comprehensive and up-to-date paid course on React Native. The Practical Guide 2020 includes about 30 hours of materials and over 200 lessons that cover core concepts as well as specifics such as native components, styling and animating, user authentication flows and using third-party libraries. The course requires no previous knowledge and is also currently available on Udemy for $169.99 with over 13,000 users vouching for it.

It is worth noting that Udemy usually holds sales for their courses and you might be able to bag this one or any of the next two courses for a fraction of the price. So, if they seem out of budget for you, make sure to double-check their current offers on their site first.

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  1. The Complete React Native + Hooks Course at Udemy

Udemy also offers this course created by Engineering Architect Stephen Grider. Its syllabus is also quite comprehensive, with over 400 lectures and almost 40 hours of material. In addition to going over the basics, Grider focuses on on-screen layout and connecting to third-party APIs, as well as diving into Hooks. The course costs $94.99 and has a 4.6 rating.

  1. React Native: Advanced Concepts at Udemy

If you’re looking for something more advanced, Stephen Grider also offers this course on Udemy. This is a shorter course (16.5 hours) aimed at experienced React Native users and focuses on animation, one-time password and Facebook authentication and Twilio integration, among other topics.

If these courses are not exactly what you’re looking for, Udemy has a varied list of React Native courses available that range from more general to more specific topics and also includes several free ones. You can check them out through this link. It is also worth noting that Udemy courses offer downloadable resources, full lifetime access and a certificate of completion.

  1. Introduction to React Native and GraphQL for App Development at BrightTALK

If you’re looking for a shorter format, this three-part workshop on React Native and GraphQL might be for you. Each installment of the workshop is just over an hour long and you can access them for free just by signing up to BrightTALK (a professional webinar hosting platform), as well as many other videos and webinars on various mobile development topics. The workshop was organized by Phorest Salon Software and focuses on the basics of the React Native framework and the design principles for building a successful mobile app for iOS and Android.

  1. Evaluating Multiplatform Networks by Touchlab

This on-demand webinar takes a broader approach by comparing React Native to Kotlin Multiplatform, Flutter and Xamarin as well as discussing the future of multiplatform networks. The webinar is given by Justin Mancinelli, Director of Project Strategy and you can get a sneak peek in this video.

  1. Testing React Native Apps with Appium by headspin

If you’re already familiar with React Native and you’re looking to improve your testing skills, headspin offers another on-demand webinar focused on testing with Appium. It briefly covers the basics of React Native before diving into testing tips and then focusing on Appium and comparing it to other testing options for this framework, like Jest or Enzyme. This 40-minute long free webinar carried out by Jonathan Lipps is perfect if you are short on time. You’ll also find a detailed article and a Q&A to supplement the webinar video.

  1. React Native at Frontend Masters

Fresh out of the oven, this updated workshop on React Native by Kadi Kraman—Senior Software Engineer at Formidable Labs—covers components, styling, navigation and security, among other topics. Frontend Masters offers several live workshops and, although this one was held last March, you can still access all the content. The main difference with this platform is that it requires a monthly membership to access the content. However, they have plenty of courses on React and many other useful tools.

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  1.  Bonus 

We’ve handpicked a few React Native courses, workshops and webinars available, but the truth is there are numerous resources available online. That is why we wanted to share some extra sites where you can find even more, particularly if you’re looking to learn some specific skills with this framework. So, if you couldn’t find what you needed above, you can head to Pluralsight, freeCodeCamp, or egghead, and have a browse.

Pluralsight offers a monthly, annual or premium subscription for individuals, as well as different options for businesses. It also had free courses throughout April in light of the current COVID-19 situation. As the name suggests, freeCodeCamp’s courses are free as they are a non-profit community, although they do accept donations. Finally, egghead offers monthly and yearly memberships for both individuals and teams.

Best React Native online courses

Best React Native courses: Final thoughts

Despite not being able to hold large-scale in-person events, we are lucky to have plenty of resources to continue learning. These are some of the best React Native courses and webinars on mobile app development available. There are thousands more covering various topics and price ranges. We hope the React Native courses we chose are useful and help you keep growing as a developer.