In a previous post, we compared React Native with other technologies. Now, we would like to discuss some of the benefits of using React Native. Top 6 React Native Benefits.

React Native has proved itself to be very successful in projects like Pinterest, Uber, Skype, Instagram and, of course, Facebook, among others. It has also been very successful in our own projects. React Native is a great choice for creating performant iOS and Android apps that feel native on their respective platforms.

Let’s see an overview of the benefits that using the React Native framework provides:

1 – Build fast

One of the benefits of React Native is shorter development time. React Native provides many components that can help the process of building your app. These components are very easy to apply. If you can’t find a component that fits your application, you will have to build it from scratch. However, with the existing base of packages you can save lots of time and the React Native community continues to grow introducing new updates every day.

2 – Cross-platform

Full cross-platform development is possible to some extent depending on how many native modules you use in your application. Some features will be available in APT packages, but others need to be written from scratch. It will only get better, though. The React Native community actively supports the framework adding new tools to open source.

3 – Mobile framework

If you are familiar with JavaScript, React Native will be very straightforward, essentially allowing any front-end web developer to be a mobile developer on the spot. No need to learn iOS’s Swift or Java for Android —just by knowing JavaScript, some native UI elements, platform APIs, and any other platform-specific design patterns you’re good to go.

4 – Native interface

UI is a major part of app development. With React Native, developers can create apps offering a native experience to users with native components whether they use Android platforms or iOS.

5 – Testing

Changes to a React Native codebase are made to your running app without the need to restart; you don’t need to repeatedly wait for your code to compile and your app to restart while making minor edits.

If you are familiar with JavaScript and you’ve written code before, you’re probably already familiar with the Chrome developer tools. When running React Native in development mode, you can attach them to your desktop Chrome browser. Attaching to Chrome works either in the emulator or connected to a physical device.

6 – Open Source

React Native is extremely useful and available for free to mobile app developers. React Native has a big community that implements its libraries, and APIs can use them in their code without any operability issues.

What can you take from all of this?

The conclusion of your Top 6 React Native Benefits: When we are talking about mobile app development, React Native remains the best choice. The result of building an app using React Native is a completely native app. And to top that off, you are also able to change native behavior to fit your needs. If you are using React web, you can use the same logic for your mobile app just by changing the UI.