Video sharing website for musicians.

Showclap is a platform that acts as a bridge between musicians and businesses related to the music industry (producers, bars, restaurants, clubs, etc). An online community that allows both parties to easily connect and discover each other’s new talents, styles, and song.



Create a video streaming platform that meets the standards of the leaders in the market such as YouTube but maintains a sustainable cost level for a Startup. That allows giving the experience that current users demand without losing the flexibility that an entrepreneur needs to be able to make quick decisions along the way.


We use Elastic Beanstalk and S3 to allow a scalable architecture, we use CloudFront to optimize the handling of videos and multimedia files. And Amazon Elastic Transcoder service to convert videos into formats that optimize video streaming. We also use the JW Player service to reproduce the videos on the platform.


We created a web and mobile solution that allows musicians to upload videos and share them with their followers no matter where they are.

What is it?

Showclap seeks to be much more than a video streaming platform for musicians, it tries to be an ecosystem where art lovers come together and can interact using the latest technologies available in the market.

It also seeks to lower the entry barriers to the world of musicians, giving a platform to many amateur musicians who do not have the means to reach their audience.

Find your music

In Showclap users can find and share the music they love, there are no barriers of any kind. Democratizing access to music allows each musician to find his audience and thus enhance his art.

Video Streaming

One of biggest challenges today with video streaming platforms is the associated operational costs, this generates a huge entry barrier for Startups because the budget is always a key factor in the life of a Startup. Today there are many alternatives to develop a platform like Showclap but it took a lot of effort to find an optimal solution between performance and budget.

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