Uncompromised wealth management technology

WealthSite is a portfolio management tool for wealth management companies that helps them reduce their workload by providing reports for both internal use and their clients, contact management, document management, and social components.

Since this Fintech startup had to interact with many servers and technologies, the application was quite complex. We developed the web app using Angular.JS, Bootstrap, Python, Django Rest Framework, DynamoDB, AWS S3, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, PostgreSQL, Node.js and Socket.IO.



Create an entire new platform and architecture from scratch to integrate with many third party systems, while preserving part of their previous system as is. All the above with a system in production that is constantly growing.


We had to become part of their team to be able to react to changes and requests as quicly as possible. Even our CTO joined the project team to help solve the biggest challenges.


A platform with an expanding feature set and user base that has become a leader in the Wealth Management sector.

What makes this application stand out?

WealthSite interacts with many financial custodians and other API’s, normalizing the data obtained from them to present it to the user in a simple form. We also implemented document upload, storage, and sharing, a custom workflow that allows users to define who reviews and approves reports, and other social components such as reminders and chats.

Because security is critical for this type of application we implemented two-factor authentication methods using text messaging, email and hardware tokens.

wealthsite assets under management

A modern and responsive UI in an old school industry.

One of the things that has helped WealthSIte grow quickly is the way that they’re revolutionizing how Wealth Management does things, in an industry that typically adopts technology much slower than other sectors.

Having a partner like us enabled WealthSite to accelerate their progress, and they are now leaders in user experience and interface.

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