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ROOTD is an athletics-based social network platform where current student athletes can search and apply for internships and jobs, connect with student athlete alumni, and create profiles that showcase their athletic, academic and professional experiences.

We developed the web app in Python and Django REST framework, with MySQL and Angular.JS. The system is currently published on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFront.



Start a project and immediately work closely and intensely with a team we had just met.


Our CTO was based near the client and attended all meetings in person. A team member from the office in Uruguay travelled to California and met with the client's team.


Everyone on the team developed a strong sense of camaraderie, and after only a few months we felt we had worked together for years.

Implementing a fully functional social network from scratch

Implementing a fully featured social media network with comments, likes, following/followers, posts with photos, integration with other social networks, photo album uploads, hashtags and connection recommendations is no easy task for 2 people in only 4 months. Add that you are working with a startup that will naturally change requirements on the fly.

With a great team, the proper technologies and frameworks, and the strict use of Scrum, it was successfully done. Boom.

So you implemented another Facebook in only 4 months?

No. In order to do that, many more resources would have been needed. We implemented the MVP that ROOTD defined and needed to have, which had many features but was by no means as refined as Facebook. For example, we designed a very scalable architecture but it wasn’t built to handle 10’s of millions of users without adjustments such as caching social relationships using a graph database. What we accomplished was outstanding, though, given the resources and time restrictions.

During the four months we worked very closely with ROOTD’s CTO and CEO including daily meetings. We used Trello to define and prioritize tasks quickly and efficiently. We also effectively used Skype, bug tracker, and GitHub. For our technology stack we used AWS SES to send emails and AWS CloudSearch to allow users to search without having any impact in our current database.

What happened next?

ROOTD closed it doors after being unable to raise a Series A round, but because we liked the project so much we implemented a mobile app for internal use to use as a test bed for Ionic, a new technology at the time.

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