Payments are not about checkout, but about communication, coordination, and engagement.

Moneero was a startup dedicated to bringing Bitcoins to a wide audience through social media, SMS and Bitcoin ATM’s (a.k.a. BTM). We built the BTM interface, including the client-side logic, and integrated it to their existing REST API to process Bitcoin purchases with cash.



Work with unbranded ATM hardware that came from China directly to our office without instructions, drivers, manual or support from the manufacturer.


We met with the different hardware vendors such as the bill acceptor, printer and encrypted keyboard manufacturers for support. Since the bill acceptor driver provided by the manufacturer wasn't working with our hardware, we created our own driver using the C language.


The BTM UI was worked flawlessly with the BTM's hardware. After extensive testing, along with the addition of safety features to prevent the BTM from getting hacked, we delivered the BTM to Moneero.
bitcoin ATM BTM UI/UX

Why develop such a critical part of Moneero's business with us?

Moneero was still developing their backend while we were working in parallel on the BTM, so their API specification was changing frequently. We had to adapt quickly to deliver in a timely manner.

Moneero didn’t have enough capacity to build everything by their deadline, so with our help, they were able to focus on their core system, confident that we would have the BTM ready as soon as they needed it.

bitcoin ATM BTM UI/UX
bitcoin ATM BTM wizard
bitcoin ATM BTM wizard

What did Moneero try to achieve?

Moneero built a mobile payment solution that offered a convenient way to send money person to person and pay in hundreds of stores in different countries.

The mobile app also featured MoneeroGroups, a tool that helped individuals, organizations, brands and companies engage with their followers or costumers using a split-payment social component and behavior-driven mobile marketing automation. Moneero closed their doors in 2016.

What is the future of cryptocurrencies as payment solutions?

It may be that Moneero was ahead of its time, but it is also possible that Bitcoin was being used as a method of payment by a wide audience. Many people think it will be used in the future as a store of value.

Today it is very easy for anyone to create their own Cryptocurrencies using platforms such as Ethereum. Those new currencies may make crypto payments much easier.

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