B2B e-commerce solution with automated price management.

Magens is a Chilean e-commerce company that focuses on automation of processes and multi-channel sales. It offers multiple sales channels to its suppliers, while also selling its own products.

What differentiates Magens from its competitors is their fleet of web scrapers and stored procedures that keep the best product offers updated. We’ve been helping Magens develop these systems as well as other third party integrations for the past 5 years, using Python, Azure and MS SQL.

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A multichannel e-commerce platform with a large variety of providers was a challenge from every point of view. One of the most challenging tasks for our team was keeping the price list updated in real time.


We had to build from existing systems, optimizing processes and improving the use of resources. Also, we needed to change internal processes, particularly the ones associated with supplier integration.


An e-commerce system ready to handle the expected multichannel sales and a product which frees the Magens team to focus on internal process optimization.

What's the main difficulty of multichannel e-commerce?

Magens sells through its web and through seller and government websites. For each sales channel, the price list is different while the stock is the same. Sellers must be up to date because errors would mean a tremendous cost for the business.

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What is the main focus today?

Optimize two areas. The first is centralized control of processes, having a dashboard in the intranet system that shows alerts when a process fails and highlight the problems before they affect the operation. The second is to manage the stock better.

Currently, if the same product is sold through several channels at the same time the system could generate sales without stock. Beyond that, be ready for other challenges.

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