The future of medical consultation.

Doctari is the bridge to the best doctors, without geographical barriers and without waiting. The platform is simple to use on any device and generates an appointment in a safe and reliable environment.

Telemedicine is the use of information technology to provide medical services from a distance. It has been used to overcome geographical barriers and to improve access to health services that often are not consistently available.



Design and implement a world class Telemedicine solution to manage thousands of users and doctors. The solution had to be multi-platform, secure and reliable. The solution would be a doctor-patient tool that could provide efficiency and better care without geographical barriers.


We implemented the web application using Python and the Django REST framework and published it on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk using S3 and CloudFront for photo storage and a PostgreSQL database. The app was developed for Android and iOS platforms using the Ionic Framework. We used the WebRTC framework for video chat on the web and in the mobile app.


We created a solution that is being used in many countries with great success and is changing the service that many health institutions offer. Doctari is a medical consultation resource available to everyone in several countries.
telemedicine ios mobile app

What is it?

Doctari connects highly qualified medical services and doctors with patients through a web and mobile platform. It is a powerful and trustworthy solution that can be easily used with all kind of devices.

Patients can schedule personalized appointments and choose a doctor based on various criteria including their specialty or geographical area. Patient consultations can be virtual or face to face.

No More Waiting

Doctors can manage their agendas, enabling them to optimize their time and focus on what is important to them. Patients gain access to immediate medical assistance with no wait time, and regardless of the current health plan they are registered with are able to receive professional advice without leaving their home.

Real Time Communication

Doctari uses WebRTC, a real-time communication framework which works flawlessly cross-platform and handles low connection speeds. Doctari technology has proven to be successful and universally available. With Doctari, health institutions get more time from their professionals while avoiding unproductive wait-times and transitions.

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