Top IT Talent

Acquiring IT talent is becoming increasingly difficult, especially if you have a new or relatively small business. And once you’ve overcome the acquisition process, a lot of companies have problems retaining that IT talent. Although salary and benefits do play a role in prospects and employees wanting to work or stay in your company, that’s not all there is to it. The best IT professionals are looking for job satisfaction as well, and you will have to work hard if they are the ones you are after.

How we attract and retain Top IT Talent

Here’s what we recommend:

1. Strong brand and vision

Put some effort into building your brand and creating a reputation that makes people want to work for you even if you don’t have a job posting out. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a major company, but you should put effort into having a strong presence on LinkedIn, for example, and into getting involved with the community and hosting events to make yourself known.

You also need to show the world what your company is all about and show your staff how their work contributes to it. You must be able to communicate your company’s vision and get all the people who are part of it involved. This will allow them to develop a greater internal commitment towards the company.

2. Referrals

Word of mouth is one of the most efficient ways to acquire clients and it definitely works to acquire IT talent too. An employee that has been referred already has some knowledge about your organization and will usually work with you for a longer period. Be aware though, that a referral program only works if your current employees believe in your brand and are happy in their current work environment.

Workplace and Teamwork - Top IT Talent

3. Build a workplace culture and encourage teamwork

Building a workplace culture has been a major concern over the past decade. Creating an environment where your staff feels comfortable and appreciated, where they feel they are an asset and a part of something is crucial in our current business world. Show prospects that your employees are happy to come to the office every day by creating a flexible, motivating and engaging work environment with chances for growth. Get to know your staff and make sure they know how much you value them.

But it’s not just up to you; give them the chance to get to know each other by setting up team-building events. There are many options to foster bonding, understanding, and cooperation among the staff. Some companies choose to hold after-office karaoke, have a yearly retreat, or have an award ceremony voted by employees; at asap, for example, we regularly get together for dinner and have staff give a weekly presentations on a topic of interest to the rest of the team -whether it’s related to our current projects or not. These instances are very important because you may have the best team, but if they cannot work well together or don’t get along, you might not get optimal results.

4. Set clear goals and show their impact

Once you’ve attracted the people you were after, make sure they understand what is expected of them and what they are working towards. You should have job descriptions, good communication about company issues -especially whenever a change is made-, and regularly set and adapt goals. Let them know exactly how they contribute to the company so they can have a sense of belonging to their role, their tasks and the company as a whole.

Work Environment - Top IT Talent

5. Build an honest work environment

Good and open communication is always key, for better and for worse. There should be opportunities for feedback from both parties where they feel comfortable being honest about their opinions and concerns. It goes beyond exchanging pleasantries in the hall; employees deserve the chance to have one-on-one meetings to receive and provide feedback and talk about anything that might be going on with them. Moreover, you also need to be open to suggestions and available if they need guidance.

6. Provide growth opportunities

Another main concern for workers today is professional development and growth. Provide opportunities for your staff to learn both in and out of the workplace. Invest in courses for their advancement, give them assignments that challenge them and keep them motivated, find what they are passionate about and have them work on projects they enjoy. Create career development plans so they know how far they can go and how they can get there. The potential for professional growth motivates us to improve and give the best of ourselves and also shows us that there is an end goal and that we won’t be stuck in a rut forever.

Reward good work - Top IT Talent

7. Acknowledge and reward good work

Let your employees know they are doing a great job. And we’re not talking just about bonuses; actually acknowledging it through praise will make them feel respected and appreciated. You must be honest, clear and specific and show them their contributions matter. When someone feels undervalued or unappreciated, they are most likely to look for another job.

At asap developers, we believe these are the key points when it comes to attracting and retaining employees. We strive to create a great place to work, focusing mainly on teamwork and professional development. We are constantly talking to our staff to make sure they are satisfied with their current projects. These pillars have allowed us not only to acquire great IT talent but to also have employees who are happy to work with us. Be the best employer you can be and everything else will just fall into place.