What is Trafilea?

Trafilea is an e-commerce company that builds online brands. Their main brand is, which made over $200 million in sales worldwide in just two years. Trafilea has 5 million customers and 30 million online shoppers.

in sales worldwide
online shoppers

What did Trafilea want?

Trafilea wanted us to develop software using Python. Specifically, they wanted to develop their own checkout technology. Their goal was to design and implement a checkout system to help them gain a competitive edge.

What did we do?

We provided Trafilea with a payment system that also incorporates some of their key business flows, like upselling. It also allows them to get the highest traffic volume in Shopify (other than Shopify itself). This means this tech is important in terms of competitiveness as a brand in the global market.

The checkout system supports subscriptions at the checkout level, as well as cross-selling and multiple currencies and payment methods, among many other features.

In addition to Python, we used JavaScript, CSS and HTML for this project.


The tool we built gave Trafilea a competitive edge given the volume of transactions it can process and how it incorporates their main business strategies. Most e-commerce companies don’t tackle this type of project and use pre-existing tools instead, as that is easier.

Moreover, this tool means Trafilea can now support subscriptions at a checkout level, which allows them to get their clients subscribed to their various services. A subscription-based system is nothing new, but it is not usually offered in this way in an e-commerce platform.


  • Subscriptions at the checkout level
  • Cross-selling
  • Multi-store checkout
  • Multi-currency support
  • Tax automatically calculated based on zip code
  • Payment through credit and debit cards, Amazon Pay and PayPal Express