What is Payfare?

Payfare is an up-and-coming startup that has shaken the world of deliveries for Lyft, Doordash, Uber and UberEats drivers.

A multi-faceted mobile app that allows drivers to receive payments from different delivery companies through one single platform.

What did Payfare want?

Payfare came to us looking for top talent in order to increase their workflow and reach their deliverables in a timely fashion, and we delivered.

They needed engineers that could take on challenging tasks and deliver top-quality results with reliable and efficient methods.

Payfare also required engineers with good communication skills, who resided within a similar time zone, so as to merge more seamlessly with the internal team.

What did we do?

We provided several developers, from iOS & Android engineers, to DevOps Engineers, Back-end & Front-end developers, QAs and Full-stack developers.

These developers were first vetted by Asap Developers carefully, to make sure they met the standards and expectations of the client, before presenting them for review and practical testing.


Our developers hit the ground running, joining the existing team and immediately started generating results. To this day, we continue to present candidates for Payfare, as the team is constantly expanding.

Because of this, Payfare has grown exponentially as a company in the last couple of years, with plans to expand even further in the near future.

Love the rewards system and the business look of the debit card. The app is super easy to maneuver and is quick with Lyft earning deposits. Will start to sync other bank accounts to my Lyft Direct account to see how quick those transfers are. Otherwise no complaints so far. Good work Lyft!

DalisiaAmazing App!

It is a faster way to receive your money from Lyft. You can also use this card to pay bills and make purchases. I really enjoy using my Lyft Direct card.

CharlotteSeriously Get Lyft Direct!

I love that we no longer have to cash out or wait for a direct deposit weekly or biweekly. You make money as soon as your ride is complete. I’m extremely grateful for this debit card (which also has cash back rewards) and the entire Lyft company… Goodbye 9 to 5!

TameraVery convenient!
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