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Conectorium is a progressive web app focused on digital publishing for world-renowned literary content. It provides access to masterful content for users so they can enjoy their favorite authors in one single reading app.

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What is the idea behind Conectorium?

Conectorium is conceived as a space to highlight legendary authors by giving users a platform for easy access and a wonderful new reading experience by publishing articles and book chapters on a daily basis. What is more, the reading app is meant to go one step further by connecting this content in a push to create a global conscience.

Conectorium aims to create a medium in which to impart a philosophy that makes sense in today’s world. Its goal is to make people stop and think about why they are doing what they’re doing and help them break away from the current confrontation narrative. Conectorium wants to inspire its users to find things in common, and to work on ethics, empathy and common sense.

Aditionally, the content we upload provides links to other related pieces, so you can access similar content, based on the same author or same topic, same phylosophy etc. This way, our users can grow their knowledge based on their literary preferences.

How did we help?

We developed a progressive web app that gives dead and world-renowned writers a platform to showcase their content, and reach those who wish to be inspired.

The reading app is subscription-based and includes a home page that displays new and different content every 24 hours. Users can select favorite authors and discover additional content by following the color-coded links on each publication. The progressive web app offers a 7-day free trial-no credit card needed- and content is currently available in English and Spanish.

As for app development tools, we used version 16 of React.js to create the interface and developed the backend with Node.js. We used GraphQL as the communication tool between the front and backend and PostgreSQL as database. Moreover, we integrated Stripe to handle subscriptions and hosted the project on AWS.


  • Social media sign up
  • Daily updated content
  • Favorite author list
  • Adjustable font size and screen brightness
  • Content sharing on social media
  • Estimated reading time
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