What is Bacon?

Bacon is a management platform for large-company servers and workstations that coordinates several open technologies. This cross-platform tool provides a more modern and easy-to-use management experience to do things like patching, installing and uninstalling software, remote scripting, monitoring, and general system control. And that’s not all! This is all achieved through a single, user-friendly dashboard.

What did TWE Solutions want?

TWE Solutions is a value-added reseller and IT service provider based in Los Angeles who had been working on Bacon, a software tool that complemented their business. Since they already had some development done, they needed someone to assess the existing code, do a full refactor and add new features such as a product installation portal or a relentless mode to execute different BE jobs.

What did we do?

After assessing the existing code, we carried out full-stack development on Bacon using ReactJS, Python and Django. We did a full refactor of the existing code and rewrote the front-end with ReactJS.

We also developed a product licensing manager and a product installation portal (called Bacon Grease), which makes it easy for users to install all Bacon products through a user-friendly website. Moreover, we created and managed the hardware monitoring rules and standardized ordering and filtering in all the listing pages, among many other features.


We created a more professional product that helped TWE solutions start bringing the early-adopter phase to the market. The company was able to actively market the product and launched version 1.4 in June 2020, fulfilling one of its main goals. Its 2.0 version was launched in April 2021.


  • Easy-to-use dashboard interface
  • Management and monitoring of system health and configuration
  • Multi-machine patching through Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Installing and uninstalling packages
  • Scripting platform with set and custom scripts
  • Profiles
  • Cross-platform
  • Licensing and Groups
  • Relentless mode
  • Ability to export reports